Grant Aid has been providing clients with information and advice on the availability of grants since 1986.

We are particularly well qualified to assist you with applications for the more complex UK and European Union grants. We have been highly successful in obtaining substantial grants for capital projects, research & development and overseas joint ventures both from UK sources and those of the European Union.

On this site you will find detailed background information about the grant system and guidance on grant availability, eligibility, application procedures and amounts of support available for the differing purposes supported by grantors.

Grant Aid operates substantially on a contingency basis i.e. no win, no fee. However, we are happy to discuss other payment methods to suit client requirements.

Grant selection

There are in excess of 3,000 grants available in the UK and over 15,000 in the EU. We discover those grants that meet your requirements both in the UK, EU and Accession States.

Grant application

Our function, acting on your behalf, is to maximise the grant awarded and our ability to negotiate successfully is based upon over 20 years of experience.

Grant administration

We assist in post grant administration to ensure a smooth receipt of monies.

Business Planning

We are extremely experienced in writing business plans for a variety of fund raising purposes.

Matched Funding

We have extensive connections to providers of external finance and we are able to assist in applying for finance from Business Angel and Venture Capital sources.

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