Our team of senior advisors are all graduates with science degrees and/or MBAs.

Our financial advisors are professional accountants and are well versed in the appropriate financial analysis.

In addition we have retained advisors who previously worked for the Department of Trade and Industry/ BERR who specialised during their careers in capital grants such as Regional Selective Assistance, SFIe, Grant for Business Investment and research and development grants SPUR, SMART, GRD and Eureka.

We can call upon the services of evaluators for various EU schemes in particular those from FP 5&6.

Additionally we utilize the services of Executive Associates and Fellows of the Institute for Independent Business, who number some 4,000 advisors worldwide. This enables us to seek specific advice and expertise on matters pertaining to almost all industries covering all the world’s key industrial nations.

Not surprisingly our team has an unparalleled success rate in obtaining grants as is befitting an organisation that works primarily on a 'no win no fee' basis!

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