Contrary to general belief, in the majority of cases the use of a consultant to make grant applications is really superfluous. Probably 80% of grants may be applied for comparatively quickly and easily and require no special knowledge on behalf of the applicant. However, there are some clear-cut exceptions and these tend to fall under the heading of large grants for capital purposes and research and development based grants.

The grantor is normally bound to award the minimum amount they consider necessary for the project to go ahead whereas;

Our function, acting on your behalf, is to maximise the grant award

Completing complex grant applications is much worse than doing a tax return. For you it is a rare experience often full of jargon; unclear instructions and unknown pitfalls, whereas for us it is our bread and butter, we do it all the time and know what is going on!

We are therefore able

Our ability to negotiate successfully is based upon over 20 years of experience.

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